Small, Medium or Classic?

A lightweight scarf is a wardrobe essential, simple yet elegant, It’s a perfect accessory for any season.

We do three standard sizes. The 45x45 neckerchief, 60x60 medium scarf and our 90x90cm scarf.
Soon they will be joined by a 140x140cm and a wrap inspired by the traditional Kanga which means to wrap or close. It is usually a colourful garment similar to a Sarong worn by women and occasionally by men. Perfect for using as a beach towel, wrap, tablecloth or small picnic blanket. With a multitude of uses it makes the perfect gift. Made out of cotton it dries quickly and folds up small, perfect for traveling.
Size 115x165 cm.
 Our scarves are all made in small batches and no two are alike. We use cotton voile to discharge our scarves. Cotton voile is lightweight, breathes easily and is perfect for hot summer days. We also use Rayon voile to dye our scarves. Its a soft, sheer material with a gorgeous drape. The difference between the two is
The coveted Hermes scarves comes in a few different sizes, the 55x55cm bandana, the 70x70cm Carre and the 90x90cm classic Carre. They also have a 140x140cm and various other sizes. But having to choose what sizes we wanted to do purely came down to what I used most.
A neckerchief to just add a little touch of something to a outfit. The 60x60cm for folding and covering up or to use as a head scarf and the 90cm for coverage in the African sun or warmth against a cool ocean breeze.
What sizes do you prefer or find most versatile?
Take a look at how much goes into making a single Hermes scarf here: 
This is a great article telling you how to wear your scarf: