The Distance Between

The Distance Between - Indian Cotton Scarf Collection
The relationship between people, places and spaces, be it real or imagined, serves as the inspiration for ‘The Distance Between’ scarf collection.
We experience a curious wonderment of the landscape below when we fly over cities and urban spaces. Who lives there? What do they do? What are their dreams?
A map is full of intrigue. Something so structured and graphic in nature can have so much depth, texture and shapes. It holds the mysteries of heartache and happiness within its lines.
The idea behind the scarf is to make you curious about the map, to narrow ‘The Distance Between’ you and the people that live and work there.

Send us the coordinates of your location and let's work together to create a bespoke hand painted map scarf especially for you.

 There are 2 sizes available.

60x60 - R680

90x90 - R800