About Us

The idea of the sublime

"Edmund Burke was the first philosopher to argue that the sublime and the beautiful are mutually exclusive. Beauty may be accentuated by light, but either intense light or darkness (the absence of light) is sublime to the degree that it can obliterate the sight of an object. The imagination is moved to awe and instilled with a degree of horror by what is"dark, uncertain, and confused." While the relationship of the sublime and the beautiful is one of mutual exclusiveness, either one can produce pleasure. ” -  That is the idea of the sublime. That is what we try to capture in our products.

Our original collection of textiles focuses on the artistic process. Using traditional textile techniques and hand painting, we create products that are both luxurious and relaxed. These first stages of creating, often lost in the development of today’s commercial products, are an integral part of our process.

We aim to bring this care and creativity back by preserving the essence of this process in our products.