Traditional shibori uses indigo to dye the fabric. Portuur designs are made by using the same techniques but instead of adding we discharge the colour to reveal the “light” hidden in the fabric. It is the dark side of shibori. It is for people that need more than everyday beauty, they want something darker, more dangerous. Portuur is a feeling, it speaks to a certain type of individual.. It is the idea that there can be beauty in darkness.

The idea of the sublime

Most people only want something beautiful because it makes them feel comfortable. The idea behind Portuur is to make things that touch your soul. Things that are not only beautiful, comfortable and pleasurable but also instil a sense of the sublime.

-AD. Longinus wrote On the sublime, in which he defined the sublime as “something that elevated the soul into an ecstasy, so that the soul participated in the splendours of the divinity”

"Before the 1800s beauty was considered the only aesthetic way to create pleasure. The idea of the sublime is that darkness, obscurity, vastness, height, mountains, deserts, the stormy ocean, the infinity of space. That the taste for ruins, for the Alpine, for storms, deserts and oceans, the supernatural and the shocking could also produce aesthetic pleasure."

"It was through the notion of the sublime that the taste developed for the rugged rather than the harmonious or smooth, the forceful rather than the restrained or measured, the wild rather than the orderly or symmetrical, the primitive rather than the sophisticated: in short, for the Romantic and the Gothic rather than the Neoclassical."

Portuur tries to capture this by using traditional techniques and hand painting, playing with the negative to get a sense of the unexpected. Textured and layered. By making our products with natural fabrics that are breathable, comfortable, sustainable and locally produced we try to keep a spiritual connection to nature. All items are bespoke and made in small batches, no two are like. Each item takes time and love to produce, thereby giving the product a life. That to me is luxury. Time and history, uniqueness and exclusivity.